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On the formidable capacities of the human spirit

On the formidable capacities of the human spirit – never to be underestimated:
For all who have ever felt defeated by life circumstances, or doubtful of their own ability to overcome inner and outer suffering, here is an incredible yet very real account of what depths of joy we can find in our souls in the midst of the ordeals of living. Never underestimate the power of pure joy to effect healing! So let’s remember to seek simple, pure, and unrestrained joy in our lives.


“(CBS News) “Joy in the Congo” seems an unlikely — even impossible — title for a story from the Congo, considering the searing poverty and brutal civil war that have decimated that country. Yet in Kinshasa, the capital city, we found an unforgettable symphony orchestra — 200 singers and instrumentalists defying the poverty, hardship, and struggles of life in the world’s poorest country…and creating some of the most moving music we have ever heard. Follow Bob Simon to the Congo to hear the sounds and stories of the Kimbanguist Symphony Orchestra.”



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