So this is our story, he pondered. A story of delicate rottenness and subtle decay unwinding its bobbin from day to day.  A story of trust, a story of change, a story of detachment and connection, like perfume in the desert which lingers in the memory of men saturated with themselves. And where, as we step wider, do the odours disappear?…
When the point is sure, the circle shall be wider and the dance complete…

-Bahiyyih Nakhjavani, The Saddlebag

Psychotherapy: This type of deep work is often called for when we experience disruptions in the normal social order of our lives. It explores the limits and developmental reconstructions of the volitional and perceiving self as it engages its social experience. It helps uncover, understand, and heal old wounds, release the healing power of love , and access a more authentic sense of self.
I take a spiritually-based approach to mental health, which I find is very effective in treating a wide range of human afflictions, from wide-spreading addictions, anxiety, depression, and personality disorders, to marital and relational dysfunction. This work can also help identify and heal the causes behind chronic illnesses like Multiple Sclerosis, cancer, etc.

Spiritual Counseling: Sometimes we find ourselves directionless and floundering, faced with existential questions. In such times, we may need another soul to hold for us a quiet and reflective space where we can hear more clearly our inner promptings, yearnings, and aspirations; where we can reflect on how we have come to construe the meaning of life and the purpose of our own lives. When we seek the richer aspects of life, we sometimes need to become learners in mindfulness-based awareness, and to seek guidance in moving towards an integrated self.

Marriage/Couples & Family Counseling: It has been my great joy over the years to help many couples return from the brink of divorce or separation, as they gain a less self-centered and more compassionate understanding of the insecurities and thought patterns that plague marriages, and develop mature strategies to support and bring out each other’s higher selves.

I also work with whole families, including children and teenagers, from the point of view of a family systems perspective, helping each family member become more responsible for their part in the difficult family dynamics, and more empowered in changing the dance. In addition, I offer pre-marital counseling, and consultations on healthy and spiritual parenting, which creates stress-free homes.

For out-of-state clients: I offer two-day weekend intensives in Arlington, VA, and follow-up telephone consultations.

My services are inclusive. I work with people from a wide range of cultural and spiritual backgrounds: Americans, Latino, Middle Eastern, African-American, Slavic, Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, Baha’i, agnostic. Ultimately, the human spiritual journey is one.

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