“Horizons of Unitive Healing is a truly life-changing course. Over our eight weeks of study, I had so many ‘aha!’ moments, so many experiences of things just “clicking” into place in my heart and mind.

The course translates universal spiritual concepts into a contemporary ‘evolutionary’ language that I found wonderfully appealing, profoundly edifying, and easy to share with others in the context of modern life. The materials, diagrams, and real-life anecdotes that we studied together cultivated in me an eagerness to explore reality through the lens of ‘the Way of Unity’. And the masterful facilitation of Dr. Mustakova created an atmosphere of genuine respect and mutual encouragement among the participants. Through deliberate practice of ‘the ancient art of deep listening’, we quickly came to see each other as friends as well as fellow-students.

The course has a unique way of both uplifting and grounding the human spirit. My personal understanding of some of the great spiritual and social questions of life – the soul, God, growth, healing, and the needs of the modern world – has been immeasurably enriched by it, and I have noticed in myself a deeper level of calmness and compassion stemming from the insights I gained in the course.

I am deeply grateful to have had the privilege of participating in Horizons of Unitive Healing and I recommend it wholeheartedly to all who seek a clearer understanding of the social, spiritual, and psychological challenges of life in the 21st century.”

~Luke Slott

“Horizons of Unitive Healing has proven invaluable in my efforts to get unstuck from unhealthy habits and a fragmented life.  I now know that I have the capacity to live life from fresh perspectives and to create a life that is coherent, meaningful and constructive.

Through this course, I have begun to feel more connected to others and the world, whereas before I was feeling quite isolated and alone. I have come to realize that the intellect should serve the heart. I have been living in a maelstrom of over-analytical thinking. This is where deep listening comes in. One needs to nourish the soul through daily practice of a spiritual discipline approached with deep humility. Then one has the potential to be grounded in deeper levels of knowing.”


“I truly enjoyed taking this course and highly recommend it to anyone who is in search of understanding the deeper meaning of our purpose in this life and how we can contribute to the betterment of society. Horizons of Unitive Healing Course opened doors for me to a deeper understanding of many important concepts, such as discovering our spiritual identity as our true reality, seeing nobility within ourselves, and contributing to individual’s spiritual empowerment. This course was an answer to my life long yearning and quest for finding coherence between rational mind and inner vision. By working toward that coherence, we are able to read our own reality more accurately and see ourselves as the protagonist in weaving the tapestry of our own life. Then our journey of spiritual awakening and development begins. In this journey, we explore our own creativity and listen to our inner voice. This course assists me to move to the next level in this journey of life and allows me to begin a new chapter.”

~Ladan Doorandish