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The reality of man is his thought…..

We live in mysterious and difficult times, times of spiritual emergence, times of great collective and individual suffering, times of breaking free from the limiting belief systems of the past, and learning how to carry forward the best of our heritage, as we slowly and painstakingly come together to forge a more just and sustainable world.

We each have a role, we each bring a story.

My life’s work is about understanding and supporting this process in the individual psyche and in communities around the world. I am an educator, writer, psychotherapist, and spiritual counselor.

In 2003, I was awarded the Carter Center Campus Community Partnership Award for founding the Latino Initiative of University of West Georgia, aimed at applying the insights of critical and community psychology to assisting the new Latino immigrant population of rural Carroll County in its empowerment, in improving its quality of life, and integrating into the life of the larger community.

Since then, I have served on community councils in Europe and the U.S., helping to develop distinctive spiritually inspired communities of grassroot education and social transformation.

It has been my joy for over 30 years now to accompany people on their path of becoming stronger, more true, more real. I have come to understand that human suffering is not an arbitrary affair, but a magnificent workshop in which the jewel of the human spirit is cleansed and polished, only to shine more brightly as we learn to stand strong, relinquish force, and meet life with grace. When we become aware of that reality in our lives we become spiritually literate and life is no longer a scary affair.

Whatever we struggle with, whether it is loss, disillusionment, loss of meaning and purpose, addiction, anxiety, personality disorders, or marital and relational problems, that struggle is also a profound opportunity for us to discover a larger reality, to set ourselves free, and to swim more gracefully and majestically in the ocean of life!

– Elena