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Toward a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global Era

My focus on the dynamic interdependence between critical moral consciousness, spiritual literacy, and social health has led me to co-edit a volume titled Toward a Socially Responsible Psychology for a Global Era, which APA PsycNet called “a path-breaking resource, reframing the field in terms of its responsibility as a healing science and force for social justice”, which “elucidates the context that makes this paradigm shift so necessary”. The volume focuses on “achieving a sustainable future, developing clinical practice suited to a global community, attaining global consciousness in the context of societal health, overcoming racism, sexism, and poverty, healing the causes of human suffering and environmental harm, conceptualizing and actualizing justice restoratively, and achieving a psychology of nonviolence.”

Critical Consciousness

My work on critical consciousness in the lifespan describes the formation and development of critical discernment coupled with a strong, loving and engaged heart, that makes a person fully a Subject in their life. Published in Critical Consciousness: Study of Morality in Global Historical Context (Greenwood/Praeger 2003, Sofia University Press, 2005), it weaves together groundbreaking ideas promoting the evolution of consciousness. Norwich University Professor of psychology Melvin Miller described it as “a courageous tour de force on the order of Maslow’s Toward a Psychology of Being.” The book describes optimal development in a global age. It also addresses the emergence of a qualitatively different kind of education, oriented toward integrative, interdisciplinary understanding, spiritual literacy, love of humanity, global citizenship, and preparing young people for lives of empowered and creative service to the advancement of the human family.

Other Book of Elena Mustakova