Radio Interviews

VoiceAmerica Special on “Humanity’s Moment of Choice: Choosing Peace” at

VoiceAmerica Special on “Global Unitive Healing: Toward a World that Works for All” with Drs. Jean Houston and Anneloes Smitsman, Dr. David Korten (Earth Charter), Dr. Riane Eisler, Drs. David Sloan Wilson and Paul Atkins (ProSocial World), Dr. Glen Martin (World Parliament and Constitution), Dr. Richard Clugston (U.N. SDGs), and Ken Wilber on recording. I was invited to do a final integration of the multiple perspectives presented by these evolutionary leaders ( on the urgency of our current reality. You can hear it at

Interview with Robert Sharpe on Blog Talk Internet Radio Show Bringing Inspiration on Earth

Facebook Book Premier with video of Ken Wilber and Claudia Welss, and Spiral Dynamics circle Doug King (, Dr. Kurt Johnson, Dr. Robert Atkinson, and Nomi Naeem. Can be watched at

Video Interviews

Consciousness Evolution

Baha'i Blogcast with Rainn Wilson - Ep 73: Elena Mustakova

Global Unitive Healing with Dr. Elena Mustakova & Sister Jenna

GLOBAL UNITIVE HEALING Book Launch with Ken Wilber, Claudia Welss, James O'Dea

Unitive Steps to Peace with Elena Mustakova and Robert Atkinson

Global Unitive Healing with Dr. Elena Mustakova

Elena Mustakova - Baháʼí Faith