Evolutionary Spiritual Path-Breaker

My work is inspired by Bahá’í ontological understanding of reality as a spiritual phenomenon of the evolution of consciousness.

Individual consciousness has the potential to evolve towards wholeness throughout the lifespan to the extent to which people grasp and take ownership of that process. Collective consciousness has evolved through many stages of broadening allegiances toward more just and comprehensive forms of governance – from clans, all the way to nation states and even geo-political allegiances. Both individual and collective evolution can be quite painful when not understood. My commitment is to education that helps people grasp the intersection of their individual micro experience and the macro socio-historical transformation under way and develop conscious agency.

The urgency of this historic moment, manifested in the disarray of our societies and in clashing global interests in the context of intensifying climate crisis, points to the need to broaden allegiances to the next level of evolutionary transformation toward a globally-coordinated social system. All my efforts are dedicated to supporting this planetary shift.

Recent Talks

As part of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, Dr. Mustakova co-founded a Synergy Circle on Unitive Justice and Global Security. During World Unity week, from 18 to 25th of June 2022, she hosted the webinar Concrete Movement Toward Unitive Justice and Global Security https://www.facebook.com/worldunityweek/videos/1176296689770355/?extid=NS-UNK-UNK-UNK-IOS_GK0T-GK1C-GK2C&ref=sharing

The Justice Conference, Building Trust in a Fragmented World, 15-18 April, 2022, Depoort, The Netherlands, Justice Conference. Mustakova speaks on At Crossroads Seeking Justice
EBBF (Ethical Business Building the Future) Annual Conference, The Power of Unity, May 12-15, 2022, Lisbon, Portugal, https://www.ebbf.org/ . Mustakova speaks on How to Bring About Universal Participation in Unity-Building

The Laszlo Institute of New Paradigm Research, Symposium May 14-15, 2022, A New Paradigm in Sentience & Consciousnesshttps://thelaszloinstitute.com/. Mustakova speaks on Collective Evolution Amidst Planetary Turmoil and War.

Collective Evolution Amidst Planetary Turmoil and War