Consulting Services

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Elena Mustakova is a sought-after international speaker and author with social science expertise and extensive multicultural clinical experience in addressing the perplexity of our times as it relates to climate crisis, rapidly changing and conflicting cultures, community responses, and individual and organizational efforts to respond to the urgent needs of this historic decade. She brings expertise on how our complex macro global and cultural environments, as well as intergenerational history, present us with unprecedented challenges and opportunities.

Dr. Elena Mustakova’s published research and clinical experience are grounded in principled spiritual and integrative perspectives and focus on the ontogenetic development of moral consciousness in the lifespan, and its role in wellbeing; on revisioning psychology so that it can respond to the pressing social needs of the new century; and on individual, community, national, and global processes of healing and the evolution of individual and collective consciousness in our troubled age.

Learning Engagements

Dr. Elena Mustakova offers brief interactive learning opportunities for groups seeing assistance with a particular topic or issue related to her expertise as described above. She recently taught an 8-week course on Horizons of Unitive Healing for Four Worlds Indigenous University. You can view details at

Coaching and Psychological Consultations

Dr. Elena Mustakova offers consultations on a wide range of social, emotional, mental health, relational, job-related, and educational challenges confronted by most people in the context of intensifying global instability and turbulence, as well as climate crisis.

Online Courses & Workshops

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